Persian Beige Marble Tiles for Flooring/Wanlls/Countertop

1.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2.SPECIFICATION 3.CHARACTERISTICS 4.PACKAGING /STORAGE /TRANSPORT It is packed in 25 kg net PE UN-proved drums. Organic peroxides should be stored sufficiently cool in the closed container, away from sources of ignition and heat and not in direct sunlight.A...

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Chemical name

Tert-Butyl Peroxybenzoate



Molecular formula/weight


Theoretical active oxygen




Clear yellowish liquid


98.5% min.


100 max.



1.036-1.045 g/cm3

Melting point


Flash point

96℃ (closed cup)

Boiling point


Refractive index(nD25)


Half time(10hr/1hr/1min)

105℃ /125℃ /167℃

Critical temperature(SADT)



Soluble in alcohol,esters, ethers, various types solvents. Insoluble in water, glycerin. Slightly soluble in ethylene glycol.

It is packed in 25 kg net PE UN-proved drums.
Organic peroxides should be stored sufficiently cool in the closed container, away from sources of ignition and heat and not in direct sunlight.A separate,well-ventilated storage room is essential,and for large quantities a separate storage building should be used. For this material,the recommended storage temperature is below 30℃ .
According to the regulation of IMO,it is classified as Organic Peroxide C,Liquid;IMDG Class:5.2 ;UN No:3103 Packing:Group:II

With wide experience and expertise, Richem International is specialized in supplying quality and effective 【tert.butyl peroxybenzoate】cas no 614-45-9 short name tbpb counter type to luperox p polymer initiator and trigonox c and peroxan pb. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with a professional and productive factory. Please rest assured to buy.

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