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Water's Classification

Nov 24, 2016

1. traditional water based glaze oil
Traditional water main agent is dissolved in water or polymer is suspended in the water. Its moisture content is 50~70%, because the moisture content is too large, so polishing effect is not good, there has been a slow-drying, easy flow equality issues.
2. catalytic water based glaze oil
Catalytic water drum with a heating device used on a printing press. It is hot-curing, heat will not be rearranged, and therefore can only be used online calendering calendering. Catalytic water containing formaldehyde, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, harmful to human health. Therefore, from a health and environmental point of view, catalytic water can only be used for health and environmental protection requirements of the print.
3. modern water based glaze oil
In a traditional water additives (mainly the surfactant), formed a new waterborne finish. Replace 80% with ethylene glycol or propylene glycol water, its milky appearance. Adjusting the solids content in varnish, can get a high gloss, ordinary gloss, and different glazing effects such as luster.