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Titanate Quat Blend Ken-React (TCA-QB012)

Sep 29, 2017

Titanate Quat Blend Ken-React (TCA-QB012) Basic Info

  • Model NO.: TCA-QB012

  • Classification: Chemical Additives

  • Organic Peroxides Appearance: Liquid

  • Apllication: Crosslinking Agent

  • Transport Package: 25 Liter Plastic Pail or 200 Liter Steel Drum

  • Origin: China

  • Efficacy: Adhesion Promoter

  • Type: Coupling Agent

  • Organic Peroxides Color: Yellow

  • Specification: Purity >98%

  • HS Code: 2931000090

Titanate Quat Blend Ken-React (TCA-QB012) Product Description

Titanate quat blend TCA-QB012 is the mixture of LICA 38J and NZ 38J.

Organic Peroxides Equivalents
Ken-React? QB 012 from Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

Organic Peroxides Feature
Titanate quat blend TCA-QB012 is an ideal water-borne titanate coupling agent which could be used in aqueous coating, adhesive.

Titanate Quat Blend Ken-React (TCA-QB012) Reactive Substrates
Proton reactivity allows coupling to almost all inorganic and organic substrates such as CaCO3, carbonates, carbon black, graphite, minerals, nano-particulates, silicas, silicates, metals, metal oxides, peroxides, hydrates, acetates, borates, sulfates, nitrates, nitramines, aramid, organic pigments, cellulosics, sulfur, azodicarbonamide, polymers, etc.

Titanate Quat Blend Ken-React (TCA-QB012) Application and performance
Latex and waterbased coatings; PU flexibilizer; Treat and functionalize fillers in the water slurry phase thus permitting faster cycles @ lower temperatures for filled thermoplastic and elastomer polymer processing; Exfoliation of nano silica and nano clay sol gels; Regeneration of regrind; Improved mechanical properties of CaCO3, mineral and metal oxide filled polymers; FR compositions; Viscosity reduction; Adhesion promotion; Catalyst; Dispersant; Anticorrosive, etc.

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