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Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min

Jan 09, 2018

Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Basic Info

  • Model NO.: THF

  • Organic Peroxides Appearance: Liquid

  • Colour: Colorless

  • packing: 180kg/drum

  • Organic Peroxides Boiling_point: 67&ord

  • flash_point: -17oC

  • Specification: industrial grade

  • HS Code: 29321100

  • Organic Peroxides Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates

  • Quality: Industrial

  • sample: free

  • grade: industrial grade

  • Organic Peroxides Density: 0.985

  • form: liquid

  • exporting: global

  • Organic Peroxides Transport Package: 180kg/drum

  • Origin: China

Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Product Description

1. Properties
It is Colorless transparent liquid,with ether odour.With water,alcohol,ketone,benzene,ester,ether,hydrocarbon miscibility.

2. Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Description
Tetrahydrofuran is a kind of heterocyclic organic compounds.It is one of the strong polarity ethers,when the chemical reaction and extraction used as a medium polarity of solvent.Colorless,volatile liquid,there is similar to the smell of the ether.Soluble in water,ethanol,ethyl ether,acetone,benzene,etc.Most of the organic solvent.

3. Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Physical properties:
Molecular formula:C4H8O;CH2CH2OCH2CH2
Molecular Weight:72.11
Relative density (water = 1) .8892;
relative density (Air = 1) 2.5
Melting point -108.56 °C
boiling point 65.4 °C
steam 15.20kPa / 15 °C
Refractive index 1.405
Flash point -20 °C
soluble 1.932 g/100 mL
Character:colorless and transparent volatile liquid,similar to the smell of ether.Soluble in water,ethanol,ethyl
ether,acetone,benzene,most organic solvents.Combustible.In the air can generate explosive peroxide.

4. Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Usage
THF for many organic compound have good solubility,it dissolve addition to polyethylene,polypropylene and
fluorine resin,all other organic compounds,especially polyvinyl chloride,polyvinylidene chloride and a good bite dissolution of aniline was widely used as a reactive solvent,the "universal solvent" is known,is an impo
rtant organic chemical and fine chemical raw materials,the main purposes are summarized as follows:
1), under pressure reacts with hydrogen chloride 1,4-dichloro-butane.For natural and synthetic resins (parti
cularly vinyl resins) and solvent,also used for making butadiene,Adiponitrile,adipic acid,hexamethylene diami
ne and so on.
2), are widely used in resin solvents (tape coating,PVC coating,PVC reactor cleaning,removal of PVC film, cellophane coating, plastic printing ink,thermoplastic polyurethane coatings).
3), reaction solvent (format reagents,alkyl aryl alkali metal compound and alkali metal compounds,aluminum
hydride and boron hydride,steroids and macromolecule organic polymer).
4), chemical intermediate product (polymerization PTMEG,natural gas odorants);chromatography solvent (gel
permeation chromatography).
5), as a common solvent,THF has been widely used in surface coatings,protective coatings,inks, extraction and artificial leather surface treatment agent,tetrahydrofuran is the production of poly tetramethylene ether
glycol (PTMEG) an important raw material,is the pharmaceutical industry main solvent.
6), for synthesis of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates. Such as tetrahydrothiophene, 1,4 -dibromo-butane,maltol,different plant alcohol,butyl sultone,benzene,tin,Clofentezine,azocyclotin suspension, erythromycin ethyl succinate,acrylic urethane,Quinestrol,norethindrone,levonorgestrel,mifepristone.
7), chromatography solvent. Such as gel permeation chromatography.

5. Storage and transportation conditions
Tetrahydrofuran should be stored in cool,dry,well ventilated place and away from heat,Sparks and open flame.Transport containers to prevent static electricity to ground,the container should be sealed well,do not,and oxidant Or strong acid to be stored.THF as flammable liquids,flammable liquid containers to be affixed.

6. Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Production methods
Industrial production with furfural as raw material,the earliest will be a mixture of furfural and steam flux into the filling zinc-chromium-manganese metal oxide or palladium catalyst in the reactor,in 400-420degree off carbonyl and furan;And skeletal nickel as catalyst,the 80-120degree furan hydrogenation was tetrahydrofuran.The production of one ton of tetrahydrofuran,consumption takes about 3 ton of
polysaccharide aldehyde.Later there are many kinds of production methods,in the development of industrialization of the methods are 1,4 - butanediol catalytic dehy dration ring legal,because butanediol is made by acetylene and formaldehyde,which said ray by method (Reppe method);Using the neoprene chlorine butadiene monomer byproduct of 1,4-2 chloroprene production tetrahydro furan,referred to as the second chloroprene method;Developed with maleic anhydride as raw material of catalytic hydrogenation method.

7.Solvent agent THF Tetrahydrofuran 99.95%min Specification Sheet

ItemSpecificationTest Result
AppearanceColorless transparent liquidColorless transparent liquid
Density (20oC) 0.88-0.99 0.886-0.889
Content  99.95%min  99.96%
Moisture  100PPM max (0.01%max)50-100PPM (confirmed)
Chromaticity (APHA)10max6
Refractive index1.405-1.1465confirmed
The content of  Peroxides150PPM max60PPM
Stabilizer240PPM max180PPM

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