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Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane

Jun 30, 2017

Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ELT-S570

  • Usage: Rubber Auxiliary Agents, Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Coating Auxiliary Agents, Electronics Chemicals, Glass Fibre

  • Chemical Name: Gamma-(Methacryloxyl)Propyl Trimethoxy Silane

  • Ec No.: 219-785-8

  • Feature 1: with Methacryloxy Functionality

  • Application 1: Used in Unsaturated Polyester Composite Material

  • Application 3: Used in Wire and Cable Industry

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Color: Transparent

  • CAS No.: 2530-85-0

  • Purity: 97% 98% 99%

  • Feature 2: with Methoxy Silane Functionality

  • Application 2: Used in Glass Fiber

  • Application 4: Used in Coating,Adhesive and Sealing Agent

  • Specification: 98%min

  • HS Code: 29310000

Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane Product Description

Silane Coupling Agent ELT-S570
( 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane )


Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane Application

1.Purity:              97%,98%,99%,99.5%min

2.Capacity:         1000mts per month

3.MOQ:              1000kg

4.Exported to:     USD,Europe,South America,South East Asia etc

5.Delivery tiem:  7-10days

Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane Product Introduction

Description of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane:
Chemical Name:    3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane
Similar to :            KBM-503, Silquest A-174, Xiameter OFS-6030, 
                                       Geniosil GF31, Dynasylan MEMO

CAS NO.:  2530-85-0
is a methacryloxy functional trimethoxy silane that finds utility in coating,composite and adhesive and sealant systems that cure via a free radical mechanism.
Typical physical properties of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane:
Property:      Easy soluble in a variety of organic solvents, 
                        easy hydrolysis and condensation to form polysiloxane, 
                        easy polymerization under overheat, illumination and the existence of peroxide. 
Apperance:                            Colorless transparent liquid. 
Molecular Weight:               248. 35
Boiling Point:                         78~81 C. Deg/0. 13 KPa
Density (ρ20 )g/cm3:           1.0450 +/- 0.005
Refractive Index (n25D):     1.4290 +/- 0.0050
Assay:                                       97%, 98%, 99%min.
Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane Features and Benefits of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane:

1, With Methacryloxy Functionality: 
     used in free radical cure adhesives and sealants based upon resin systems such as 
     polyesters, polyurethanes, acrylics, and many thermoplastics such as PVC, polyolefins 
     and polyurethanes.

2, With Methoxy Silane Functionality: 
     Bonds to inorganic substrates to provide excellent wet and dry adhesion.And Fast hydrolysis rate
Potential Applications of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane: 

(1) Mainly used in unsaturated polyester composite material to improve the mechanical property,
electric property, phenolic property, especially, greatly improve the wet property of composite material. 

(2) Imhibition treatment (containing this coupling agent) to glass fibre, can improve the wet 
mechanical property and electric property of glass fiber reinforced composite material. 
(3) In wire and cable industry, when used to treat EPDM system stuffed by pottery clay and 
crosslinked by peroxide, it can improve consumption factor and specific inductance captance. 

(4) Polymerize with vinyl acetate and acrylic acid or methyl acrylic acid monomer. 
These polymers are widely used in coating, adhesive and sealing agent, providing excellent adhesion and durability. 
Packing & storage of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane:
1, painted Iron drum or plastic drum or IBC
     packing of 200kgs/drum,16000kgs/1x20'gp
     big packing of 1000kgs/IBC,20000kgs/1x20'gp
     Customized packing is ok.
     OEM is ok.

2, Sealed well, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.

Silane Coupling Agent a-174 Gamma- (methacryloyloxy) Propyl Trimethoxy Silane Applications

Silanes are important to the development of high quality materials with enhanced functionality.
They are used in an incredible array of products that help to make living more comfortable and convenient.

No.1 Chemicals
1) Silanes are used effectively in adhesives,sealants and paints to improve
    adhesion to inorganic substrates.
2) Silanes are used to improve transparency and reduce viscosity during
    mixing and kneading.
3) Silanes are used to produce highly weatherable paints.

No.2 Automotive Applications
1) Silanes are used to make silica reinforced tires and in development of
    new materials.
2) Silanes are used to make high-molecular-weight rubbers and silicas.

No.3 Electrial Applications
1) Silanes can improve reliability of semiconductor encapsulants flat-panel
    displays and other products.
2) Silanes are used to improve dispersibility and adhesion of inorganic
3) Silanes are used as raw materials for hard-coat materials.

No.4 Specific application

No.5 Organic functional groups and compatible resins

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