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Rubber Fast-curing Technology

Nov 24, 2016

For the rubber industry, curing time long becomes the bottleneck of industrial productivity in rubber, and limit the application of rubber industry developed rapidly. With all kinds of thermoplastic elastomer technology continues to mature, make people wonder whether one day become highly elastic rubber Thermoplastic Elastomer experience alternatives, and make rubber from the historical stage? That new technology might bring change today we dare not waste breaking theory, but, judging from the present market, has not flinched in the rubber industry, may show abnormal strong explosive force. Along with the rapid development of the market, rubber processing technology continues to mature, especially rubber fast-curing technology is making up for rubber vulcanization time long in the past and so on.
Rubber vulcanization process, temperature, pressure and time are three common factors. Because of overheating will scorch, degraded performance, etc, and how to achieve high temperature curing, thereby shortening curing time into different business focus of research and development. Improving curing system attached importance to accelerate the curing process as more and more manufacturers. The auxiliary enterprises committed to rapid curing accelerator to seize the market. This paper highlighted some manufacturers to develop new accelerated curing of the product.