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Rubber Curing Systems

Nov 24, 2016

Vulcanization of rubber through the Intermolecular Crosslinking of rubber-plastic rubber into the elastic and dimensionally stable products, physical stability of Vulcanized rubber, expanded temperature range. "Curing process (Curing)," a term commonly used in the rubber industry as a whole, plays an important role in rubber chemistry. Vulcanization of rubber molecules chains (cross-linking) response depends on its structure. Unsaturated diene rubber (such as natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber) molecular chain containing the unsaturated double bond with sulfur, phenolic resins, organic peroxides such as substitution or addition reaction to form Intermolecular cross-linking. Saturated rubbers in General with the energy of a certain free radicals (such as organic peroxides) and high-energy radiation cross-linked. Rubber with special functional group (chlorosulfonated polyethylene), formed by various functional groups with established material specific reactions, such as n-sulfonyl radicals in the rubber by reacting with oxides of metals, amines and cross-linking.