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Popular Antipyretic Analgesics Paracetamol Powder 103-90-2

Oct 27, 2018
Popular Antipyretic Analgesics Paracetamol Powder 103-90-2 Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 9003-11-6

  • Customized: Customized

  • Organic Peroxides Suitable for: Adult

  • Purity: >99%

  • Delivery: 3 Dyas

  • Specification: 99%

  • Organic Peroxides HS Code: 3002300000

  • Powder: Yes

  • Certification: ISO 9001

  • State: Liquid

  • MOQ: 10g

  • Organic Peroxides Standard: USP Ep IP Cp

  • Transport Package: Disguised Package

  • Origin: China

Popular Antipyretic Analgesics Paracetamol Powder 103-90-2 Product Description

Paracetamol Product Name: 4-Acetamidophenol
Paracetamol CAS: 103-90-2
Paracetamol MF: C8H9NO2
Paracetamol MW: 151.16
Paracetamol EINECS: 203-157-5
Paracetamol Product Categories: PHARMACEUTICALS; Aromatic Phenols; Intermediates & Fine Chemicals; Lipid signaling; Aromatics; inhibitor; APIs; DMF file is ok to be provided.; Pyridines
Paracetamol Mol File: 103-90-2. mol

Paracetamol Pharmacological Actions
This product is used as antipyretic analgesics. It has the antipyretic activity by means of mediated peripheral vasodilation and perspiration caused by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase which selectively inhibiting the synthesis of hypothalamic thermoregulation prostaglandins, and its strength of the antipyretic effect is similar to aspirin. As a peripheral analgesic, it can produce an analgesic effect by inhibiting the synthesis and release of prostaglandins and increasing pain threshold. However, its action is weaker than aspirin and it is only effective for mild to moderate pain. There is no obvious anti-inflammation effect. 

Paracetamol Usage and Dosage
This product is antipyretic and analgesic whose international nonproprietary name is Paracetamol. It is the most common no anti-inflammatory analgesia-antipyretic drugs without anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatism action. Its antipyretic effect is similar to aspirin, but the analgesic effect is weak. It is the best of a breed of acetanilid drugs. The product is especially suitable for patients who cannot use carboxylic acids drugs. It is used for cold and toothache. Acetaminophen is also used as organic synthesis intermediates, the stabilizer of hydrogen peroxide, photographic chemicals. 

Popular Antipyretic Analgesics Paracetamol Powder 103-90-2 Paracetamol Usage
Organic synthesis intermediates, the stabilizer of hydrogen peroxide, photographic chemicals, non-anti-inflammatory analgesia-antipyretic drugs. 

You Have Choice 
NameCAS No, 
Terbinafine HC3286-46-2
Tea Saponin8047-15-2
Sarafloxacin HCl91296-87-6

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Popular Antipyretic Analgesics Paracetamol Powder 103-90-2