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Paint and Varnish Grade, Cobalt hydroxide, 62% min

Jan 20, 2018

Paint and Varnish Grade, Cobalt hydroxide, 62% min Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Co62%min

  • Appearance: Solid

  • Solubleness: Soluble Alkali

  • Quality: Superior Grade

  • Organic Peroxides CAS No: 21041-93-0 (dihydroxide) 1307-86-4 (trihydroxide)

  • MF: Co(OH)2

  • Physical State: Red crystal

  • Organic Peroxides Look: reddish crystal

  • M. W.: 92.94

  • Specification: Cobalt hydroxide 62

  • HS Code: 2822009000

  • Classification: Cobalt hydroxide

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Organic Peroxides Ionization Capacity: Strong Alkali

  • Usage: Dietary Alkali, Industrial Alkali

  • EINECS No.: 244-166-4

  • MW: 92.95

  • Co CONTENT: 61.5% min

  • Organic Peroxides Formula: Co(OH)2

  • OL WT: 92.95

  • Transport Package: 25kg/Bag

  • Origin: China

Paint and Varnish Grade, Cobalt hydroxide, 62% min Product Description

Product Description

As Ceramic Pigments,  Cobalt Oxide  72%
Cobalt oxide is a metallic pigment that provides blue coloring in porcelains and glass. Various forms of cobalt oxide are changes to CoO at 850 - 900 C. CoO is a grayish brown powder that decomposes at 1935 C, insoluble in water. It is also used as a drying agent in inks and varnishes and as a feed and fertilizer additive. Cobalt carbonate has same coloring application as it decomposes to cobalt oxide at high temperature. Cobalt carbonate tends to disperse better in a glaze but can produce blisters because of the CO2 gas presence at high temperature. Commercial grades of cobalt carbonate are the complex of carbonate and hydroxide such as cobalt carbonate hydroxide (1:1) (CAS RN: 12069-68-0), Cobalt carbonate hydroxide (2:3) (CAS RN: 12602-23-2), and cobalt carbonate hydroxide (2:3) monohydrate
(CAS RN: 51839-24-8).

Properties: It is a kind of light pink powder, specific gravity 3.597, soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution, insoluble in water and alkali. It reacts with organic acids to form cobalt soap.

Paint and Varnish Grade, Cobalt hydroxide, 62% min Specification (%):

Assay (as Co)

61 min.

Iron (Fe)


Nickel (Ni)

0.3 max.

Zinc (Zn)

0.01 max.

Manganese (Mn)

0.05 max.

Copper (Cu)

0.005 max.

Lead (Pb)

0.01 max.


ItemParticle SizeLooseDensity
PurityChemical Composition
( %)
Cobalt oxide powder(Co3O4)8.90um1.22Co:73.27%
Co:73.36%  ,Cu:0.0010
Pb:<0.001   ,Mn:0.0010
Si:0.0092    ,Cl:0.016
C:0.011     ,Ca:0.015
S:0.013     ,Fe:0.0011
Al:0.0010    ,Ni:0.0058
Mg:0.012    ,K:<0.003
UseMagnetic materials, electronic components materials, carbide materials, Enamel porcelain glaze, ceramic porcelain color, glass, cobalt catalyst and other cobalt salts.
HS CODE2822001000CAS no.1307-96-6
Molecular formulaCo3O4molecular weight240.8
Melting point895 °C (dec.)(lit.)density6.11 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
boiling point3800°CFormpowder
Water solubilityinsolubleMOQ1.0KG
CertificationGB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008StorageSealed storage under dry and cool condition
Remark:We can produce the product according to customer's requirements .

Paint and Varnish Grade, Cobalt hydroxide, 62% min Application:Raw materials for cobalt salt manufacture, drying agent of paint and varnish as well as catalyst for hydrogen peroxide decomposition.
Storage: Store at a ventilating and dry place, prevent damp and rain.
Packing: 25Kg net, pack sealed with double plastic bags lined iron drum.

Cobalt hydroxide Co(OH)2 has high cobalt content (61.5%). Commercial catalyst grade has porous structure for high catalyst effect in refining and petrochemical. It is used as a dryer in paint and varnish.

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