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Organic Beta Carotene 30% Oil Suspension with GMP

Oct 25, 2018

Organic Beta Carotene 30% Oil Suspension with GMP Basic Info

Model NO.: beta carotene 30%
Organic Peroxides Appearance: a Dark Reddish Viscous Oil
Mf: C40h56
CAS No: 7235-40-7
Einecs No: 232-554-6
Organic Peroxides Purity: 1~30%
Other Name: Liquid Beta Carotene
Use: Colorants, Nutrition Enhancers
Ingredients: Beta Carotene, Edible Oil
MOQ: 1kg
Advantage: Safe, Can as Vitamin a Supplient
Organic Peroxides Transport Package: 10kg/Tin
Specification: USP, BP, Food and feed grade
Origin: China
HS Code: 2106909090

Organic Beta Carotene 30% Oil Suspension with GMP Product Description

Organic beta carotene 30% oil suspension with GMP
Product Description
30% Beta carotene  Oil suspension
a dark reddish viscous oil containing 30% beta carotene E160a(ii) in micronized  crystalline form dispersed in corn oil.DL-alpha-tocopherol is added as antioxidants.
The carotene suspension is a liquid at 0°C. a dark reddish viscous oil .
Beta carotene  Oil suspension pecification:  
Check itemSpecifications
AppearanceRed brown crystal liquid
Maximum absorption 453-457 nm
Absorption at 340nm≤0.08
Content            30 % 
Heavy metals as pb ≤10 ppm
lead               ≤3 ppm 
As ≤3 ppm
 Beta carotene  Oil suspension  Appearance:           reddish brown to brownish

beta carotene oil suspension 30% property
Solubility: 30% OS is marginally soluble in oils and fats.A stock solution can be made by heating         the suspension with vegetable oil that is peroxide free at 45 to 85°C.
Storage and stability:              30%OS is sensitive to air,heat,humidity and light.The shelf life of the product is 36 months from the date
of production,when stored in the unopened original packaging at a temperature below 15°C. The effective data  is stated on the label.Content should be used shortly after opening..

Beta carotene use:  
As a yellow to light orange coloring agent and a source of Vitamin A for food and dietary supplement products,also used in feed additive.
Organic Beta Carotene 30% Oil Suspension with GMP Attention
Beta carotene os is safe for its intended purpose.Avoid inhalation of dust, ingestion
or direct contact by using appropriate protective measures and personal hygiene.
Beta carotene Oil suspension Packing & Delivery

delivery:within 15 days after confirming order

Organic Beta Carotene 30% Oil Suspension with GMP