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Ink Jet Printing With UV-curable Ink

Nov 24, 2016

1.1 the development of ink-jet printing technology
Ink-jet printing has its origins in 70 United Kingdom I.C. I. the company's "stain" research and 80 Australia NM company developed "swirl Jet" technology. They will dye is applied on the same fabric that is incompatible, get a color effect, in fact, to improve the dyeing process, achieve the printing effects. Since the 90 's, with the electronic color separation, color schemes, such as application of CAD technology in the textile dyeing and finishing industry in 1997, Japan Cannon and the Seiren, Netherlands Stock and France's Toxot and other companies also racing to start the ink-jet printing technology and equipment study [4, 5].
1. requirements 2 inkjet
Because of the nozzles on the Ink viscosity, surface tension of various nature put forward higher requirements, so for ink-jet printing ink must meet stringent performance requirements for chemical, formed the best drops, specific ink-jet printing systems, good patterns and color brilliance. The basic properties of UV-curable inks and requirements are as follows.
1.2.1 the surface tension
Surface tension effects on formation and print quality of ink droplets all too apparent. Factors including no spills around the nozzle, the droplet breaking length, speed and stability of droplets and droplet formation are the straight lines. For DOD thermal ink jet printing machine the surface tension for 40~50 mN/m.