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Industrial Grade 35% and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2

Oct 19, 2017


Industrial Grade 35% and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 Basic Info.


Model NO.:H2O2


Classification:Hydrogen Peroxide


Grade Standard:Industrial Grade


Organic Peroxides Kind:Acidic Oxide


Transport Package:35kg Plastic Drum or 1.2mt IBC Tank


Organic Peroxides Specification:35% and 50%




HS Code:28322000


Industrial Grade 35% and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 Product Description


Name: Hydrogen peroxide

Molecular formula: H2O2

CAS No: 7722-84-1

Appearance: Hydrogen peroxide is a clear and colorless liquid. It has a slightly pungent odor. Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile and environmentally friendly chemical with a wide variety of applications. It is commercially available as aqueous solution in various concentrations and grades.

Packing:35kg plastic drum or 1.2mt IBC tank

Application:Used to bleach textile and paper products, manufacturer or process foodstuffs, minerals, pertochemicals and consumer products(detergent).


Industrial Grade 35% and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 Specifications


Index (35%)

Index (50%)

H2O2 concentration(m/m)



Free acid as H2SO4(m/m)%



Evaporation residue(m/m)%






Total carbon(as C)(m/m)%



Nitrate(as No3)(m/m)%




Industrial Grade 35% and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 APPLICATION FIELDS :

· Textile and paper industries; as bleaching agent

· Chemical Industry; in oxidation and hydroxylation reactions and production of organic/inorganic peroxides such as peracetic acid, sodium perborate, calcium peroxide     

· Mining industry; in eliminating toxic effects of various mines.

· Metallurgical industry; in obtaining metallic surfaces.

· Cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries; sterilization.

· Waste water treatment; obtaining dissolved oxygen and eliminating toxic effects.


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