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hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80%

Oct 11, 2017

hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 40% 64% 80%

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Colour: Colorless

  • CAS: 10217-52-4

  • Color: Colorless

  • Organic Peroxides exporting: global

  • grade: Industrial Grade

  • Transport Package: 200kg/Drum

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates

  • Quality: Industrial

  • Organic Peroxides packing: 200kg/Drum

  • Einecs No.: 206-114-9

  • sample: free

  • form: liquid

  • Specification: industrial grade

  • HS Code: 2825101010

hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Product Description

1. Product Description
Molecular formula: N2H4H2O   
Molecular weight: 50.08   
CAS NO: 10217-52-4 
Industrial Grade
Product name: Hydrazine Hydrate
CAS#: 10217-52-4
EINECS: 206-114-9
Formula: H4N2
Molecular Weight: 32.05 
Content: ≥80%
Melting point: -51.7°C;
Boiling point: 120.1°C;
Refractive index: nD(20°C) 1.4280;
Relative density: d(21/4°C)1.032
2.hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Synonyms
Hydrazinium hydroxide;HYDRAZINIUM HYDROXIDE;HYDRAZINE MONOHYDRATE;Hydrazinium hydrate;Hydrazinium hydroxide,Diamide hydrate;Hydrazine 67%aka24-26% IN WATER;
3. hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Specifications
1).the content of HH 80% and below 80% is avaliable. 
2).Product Capacity: 15000ton per year. 
3).Packed in 200kgs HDPE drums
Appearance: colorless fuming liquid
Melting Point: -51.7 °C
Boiling Point: 113.5 °C at 760 mmHg
density:1.03 g/mL at 20 °C
vapor density : >1 (vs air)
vapor pressure :5 mm Hg ( 25 °C)
refractive index : n20/D 1.428(lit.)
Fp : 204 °F
storage temp.: Refrigerator (+4°C)
Solubility: miscible with water
Transport Information: UN 2029/2030 
4.hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Property
This product is a colorless,fuming and basic solution with peculiar bad smell,soluble in water and alcohol.insoluble in chloroform flammable and corroding glass,rubber and leather,its severe toxicity accumulates and harms blood and nerves.
5.hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Application
1).it is the material for medicine,pesticides,dyes,foaming agents,imaging agent,antioxidant;
2).It is spent large for boiler water Deoxidizer;
3).It also used in the manufacture of high-purity metal,synthetic fiber,the separation of rare.
4).It is used to manufacture rockets and explosives.
5).It is also used as a Analysis reagent.
6).It can be used in Synthesis of foaming agent,such as Azodicarbonamide(AC),ptoluenesul fonic acid hydrazide.
6.Organic Peroxides Production method
The urea oxidation method:
Mix 10% sodium hypochlorite solution and 30% liquid alkali,then cooling,adjust the mix,and then
cooling,adjust the mixture of chlorine and alkali into 1:1.8 weight ratio,reaction pot.Add just the right amount of potassium permanganate, reaction pot, mix urea solution will be heated to about 103-104oC material liquid boiling.The amount of urea in terms of available chlorine than the weight of the active chlorine is 76:75.The above crude hydrazine oxidation products vacuum distillation was added to the evaporator,hydrazine gas and moisture after blind wind machine import accept kettle,
for the first time to ask.Get light hydrazine water from accepting kettle will be sent to the sieve plate tower for the vacuum concentration, the content of hydrazine hydrate to the specified value.When the content of 40% or higher urea 770890030% sodium hypochlorite liquid alkali 770.Sodium hypochlorite ammoniation method first a mixture sodium hypochlorite,chlorine and caustic soda and then in the 3.922 x 107 pa under pressure and 130-150 oC temperature synthesis,hydrazine hydrate reaction liquid, the bullishness of removing excess ammonia,then evaporative desalination and rectification finished hydrazine hydrate.
7.hydrazine hydrate HHA 40% 64% 80% Diffirent types content

N2H4H2O % ≥243540.
Hydrazine(N2H4)  % ≥15.3622.426.
Iron(Fe)  ppm ≤555555
Sulfate(SO4)  ppm ≤505050505050
Heavy Metal(Pb) ppm ≤555555
Chloride(Cl)   ppm ≤505050505050
Nonvolatilematters  ppm ≤100100100100100100
appearanceColorless or light cloudy liquidconform
content %80 min80
In-volatile substance %0.010 max0.003
Ferric %0.0005  max0.0005
Heavy Metal(Pb)%0.0005 max0.0002
Chloride %0.001 max<0.001
Sulphate %0.0005 max<0.0005
Total Organics (mg/l)5 
PH (1% Solution10-1110.17
Conclusion Conform to standard

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