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Hot Sale! Zinc Carbonate for Industrial Use

Dec 28, 2018
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: CAS No.: 100-21-0

  • Certification: COA, SGS, RoHS, ISO

  • Purity: 90%~99%

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • color: white

  • grade: industrial grade

  • mf: Znco3

  • EINECS: 235-179-6: 235-179-6

  • Specification: industrial grade

  • HS Code: 283699900

  • Solubility: Easily Soluble in Water

  • Classification: M2(OH)2CO3

  • Type: Zinc Carbonate

  • form: powder

  • sample: free

  • packing: 25kg/bag

  • CAS No.: 100-21-0

  • Molecular Weight: 549.11: 549.11

  • Transport Package: 25kg/bag

  • Origin: China

Product Description
Basic Zinc Carbonate product details:
product name:Basic Zinc Carbonate
Molecular Formula: ZnCO3.2Zn(OH)2.H2O
Molecular Weight: 549.11
CAS: 12122-17-7;5970-47-8
EINECS: 235-179-6
Appearance: White amorphous powder

Basic Zinc Carbonate properties:
Fine white amorphous powder,odorless,tasteless.Proportion of 4.42-4.45,insoluble in water and alcohol,slight
ly soluble in ammonia,can dissolve in acid and sodium oxide.zinc carbonate (ZnCO3),a mineral ore of zinc.
Historically,smithsonite was identified with hemimorphite before it was realised that they were two distinct minerals.The two minerals are very similar in appearance and the term calamine has beenused for both,leading to some confusion.Smithsonite is a variably colored trigonal mineral which only rarely is found in well formed crystals.The typical habit is as earthy botryoidal masses. It has a Mohs hardnessof 4.5 and a specific gravity of 4.4 to 4.5.Smithsonite occurs as a secondary mineral in theweathering or oxidation zone of zinc bearing ore deposits. It sometimes occurs as replacement bodies in carbonaterocksand as such may constitute zinc ore. It commonly occurs in association with hemimorphite,willemite,hydrozincite,cerussite,malachite,azurite,aurichalcite and anglesite.It forms two limited solidsolution series,with substitution of manganese leading to rhodochrosite,and with iron,leading to siderite.

Zinc carbonate application:
1.It's specially used in transparent rubber products and foaming agent EVA because of its refractive index
similar to rubber.Special basic zinc carbonate can be used as a skin protective agent in medical applicatio
ns.In the industry,it's used as light astringent and latex products,also is compound of calamine lotion.It can
be used as main raw material of rayon production,desulfurizing agent in chemical fertilizer industry and cat
alyst production.
2.In the oil drilling,basic zinc carbonate reacts with H2S to form ZnS which is stable and insoluble,and that
the mud slurry performance is not affected after adding basic zinc carbonate into the mud.So it can elimin
ate the pollution and corrosion of H2S effectively,also can be used as corrosion inhibitor and sulfur remov
al agent to process H2S in oil and gas wells.
3.Zinc carbonate can also be widely applied to rubber soles,rubber-plastic product accessories,pipe fittings
,rubber plates,motorbike tires,belts,rubber band,ZPT,desulfurizer agent,zinc stearate,etc.

Zinc carbonate specification:
Index ItemMedical gradeFeed additivedesulfurizerrubberIndustrial 
Main content(as Zn),%, ≥57~58%57~58%57~58%55~57%55~57%
Losses on ignition, %,≤25~28%25~28%25~28%25~32%28~35%
Heavy metal(Pb), %,≤0.001~0.01%0.001~0.01%0.05~0.1%0.1~0.2%0.2~0.4%
Cd ,%, ≤0.001%0.001%---------
Water ,%, ≤1.0~2.0%1.0~2.0%2.0~4.0%2.0~4.0%3.0~5.0%
Sulfate(SO42-),%, ≤0.05~0.60%0.05~0.60%0.60~1.00%0.60~1%---
Screening residues(100μm)%,≤1-3%1-3%3-5%3-5%5%

Zinc carbonate Introduction:
1.Zinc carbonate basic
2.Manufacturer and trade integration
3.ISO and SGS certificate
4.Lowest price with best quality 
Performance of basic zinc carbonate:The product is white fine amorphous powder,odorless,tasteless,4.42-4.45 at relative density,insoluble in water and alcohol,slightly soluble in ammonia,soluble in dilute acid and sodium hydroxide,and reacts with 30% hydrogen peroxide to release carbon dioxide and form peroxide.