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High-temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber Under A Special Classification Of

Nov 24, 2016

(1) General (normal strength). By vinyl silicone rubber with reinforcing agent and other components, physical properties of vulcanizate medium, is the largest amount, most general class of compounds.
(2) high strength. With low phenyl vinyl silicone rubber or silicone rubber, with large specific surface area fumed silica or after modification of silica for reinforcing agents, and by adding the appropriate processing AIDS and special additives, such as comprehensive improvement measures, improving the cross-linking structure, improved tear strength.
(3) heat-resistant type. With low phenyl vinyl silicone rubber or silicone rubber, reinforcing agent type and heat-resistant additives by choosing a suitable 300~350℃ high temperature resistant silicone rubber can be prepared.
(4) low temperature type. Silicone rubber with low phenyl brittleness temperature up to-120 ° c, at-90 deg with the flexibility.
(5) low compression set. Main use of vinyl silicone rubber, with special organic peroxides as a curing agent for vinyl, when the compression ratio is 30%, the permanent deformation after compression at 150 ℃ 24~72h 7.0%~15% (common silicone rubber for 20%~30%).