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Colorful Silicone Rubber

Nov 24, 2016

1, select only the best suppliers
Point of view of the customer, product quality is stable and will always be the first, especially for silicone rubber masterbatch. To keep the color hue stability, good dispersion, environmental protection and food-grade testing through, selection of materials on the toner is very stringent, because the selection more important than effort.
2, an expert on fine grinding
Grain fine pigments, if not fully ground, dispersed in silicone rubber has problems. Over 5 times in the material master for fine grinding and large molded samples measured, to ensure that there is no point to be packing and warehousing.
3, rich colors
Material silicone rubber masterbatch colors, you can mix almost any color you need for you, you only need to provide a PANTONE color number or directly send a samples, material tailored to your specific color.