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Classification Of Curing Agent

Nov 24, 2016

1, inorganic vulcanizing agent. Sulfur, sulfur, selenium, and tellurium chloride, etc.
2, vulcanizing agents. Sulfur-containing catalyst (such as promote agent TMTD) and organic peroxides (benzoyl peroxide), Quinone-oxime compound, polysulfide polymer, carbamate and ethyl maleimide derivatives. Rubber vulcanizing chemicals including sulfur, selenium, tellurium, sulfur compounds, peroxides, Quinone compounds, amines, resins compounds and metal oxides such as isocyanate. Most commonly used are sulfur and sulfur compounds. Its curing agent are harmful substances harmful to humans, common industrial sulfur additive TMTD, TETD sulfide can produce carcinogenic n-nitroso-Dimethylamine. Currently a Platinum curing agent (low curing temperature, curing speed) as silicone rubber vulcanization agents play an important role in certain special products,
Curing agents applicable to all types of natural and synthetic rubber, depending on your needs, different varieties of curing agent to be used.