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Characteristics Of The Structure Of Oxygen Functional Groups In Organic Peroxides Determines The Peroxide Has The Following Property

Nov 24, 2016

(1) has a strong antioxidant.
(2) has a natural decomposition, at 40 per cent, most reactive oxygen reduces peroxides.
(3) acid, alkaline substances can promote decomposition. Strong acid and alkali metal and alkaline earth metal hydroxides (solid or aqueous solution of high concentration) can cause violent decomposition.
(4) iron, cobalt, manganese, organic peroxides and compounds dramatically improve redox system decomposition.
(5) strong reduction of amine compounds and other reducing agents significantly promote decomposition.
(6) iron, lead and copper alloy can promote decomposition.
(7) the rubber can promote decomposition.
(8) the friction, vibration or impact storage vessel causing local temperatures can promote decomposition.