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Application Of Organic Silicon In Waterproof Coatings

Nov 24, 2016

1. silicone waterproof coating
Silicone waterproof coating based on water-soluble silicone resin Binder, using advanced technology and preparation of emulsified into a kind of architectural waterproof coating.
Color organic silicon waterproof paint is to silicone rubber latex or and other emulsion composite for main base material, mixed into water, and inorganic filler, and various additives preparation and into of emulsion type waterproof paint, it and has coated film waterproof and permeability waterproof material both of excellent characteristics, has good of waterproof sex, and permeability, and into film sex, and elastic, and bond, and extends sex and resistance high low temperature sex.
2. silicone rubber waterproofing coating
Silicone rubber waterproof coating based on silicone emulsion, and complex as the main base of the emulsion, mixed with inorganic filler and crosslinker and catalyst, toughening agent, antifoaming agent and other chemical additives preparation of emulsion waterproof coatings.