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Activated Alumina Sphere for Petrochemical Catalyst Carrier

May 17, 2018

Activated Alumina Sphere for Petrochemical Catalyst Carrier Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Activated Alumina

  • Drying Method: Static Drying

  • Organic Peroxides Sorbent: Activated Alumina

  • Size: 1~2mm; 2~3mm;3~5mm;4~6mm;6~8mm

  • Quality Management: ISO9001:2008

  • Keywords: Activated Alumina

  • Organic Peroxides Specification: 2~3 3~5 4~6mm

  • HS Code: 3824909990

  • Shape: Sphere

  • Kind: Desiccant

  • Organic Peroxides Desiccant: Chemical Desiccant

  • MOQ: 1000kg

  • Apperance: White and Sphere

  • Origin: China

Activated Alumina Sphere for Petrochemical Catalyst Carrier Product Description

Molecular formular
Al2O3. N H2O (0<n≤ 0.8)
A white or slightly red particle, ball-shaped or roll-shaped, activated alumina is insoluble in water and organic solvent, soluble in strong acids and alkalis, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. 
1) Catalyst for recovering sulfur in the petrochemical industry
2) Excellent defluorination agent for drinking water and for recycling alkyl-hydrocarbon in alkylbenzene production
3) Reclaiming agent for de-acidic in transformer oil, and de-arsenic agent in the Acid industry
4) Adsorbent in the production of hydrogen peroxide solution
5) Catalyst for polyhydro-ammonia by substituting silica gel with ball-shaped product
6) Desiccator and purifying agent. 

ModelActivated Alumina
AppearanceWhite, Sphere, No Odor, Insoluble In Water, Innocuous
Crystal TypeX-pX-pYYX-p
Chemical CompositionAl2O3 %≥93≥93≥93≥93≥93
Na2O %≤0.3≤0.3≤0.50.15-0.3≤0.3
Bulk DensityG/ml0.68-0.720.70-0.750.65-0.750.70-0.800.75-0.80
Surface AreaM2/g≥300≥300260-300≥300≥300
Pore VolumeMl/g0.30-0.450.30-0.420.40-0.460.40.30-0.50
Static Absorption (RH=60%)%Water AbsorptionFluorine AbsorptionWater AbsorptionWater AbsorptionWater Absorption
Active%  56-62  
Attrition Loss%≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0≤0.4≤0.8
Crushing Strength (N/Piece)0.4-1.2mm ≥30   
3-5mm≥150 ≥150≥150≥150
4-6mm≥180 ≥180≥180≥180
5-7mm≥200   ≥200
6-8mm≥300   ≥300
Typical ApplicationKA401: Is for as adsorbent
KA402: Is for defluorinating
KA403: Is for absorption in producing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
KA404: Is for catalyst carrier
KA405: Is for dehydrating and drying in air separation etc. 
Warranty: A) By National Standard HG/T 3927-2007
B)  Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred  

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