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2017 Popular Activited Alumina Ball for Hydrogen Peroxide

May 12, 2017

Organic Peroxides Basic Info.




Drying Method:Static Drying


Kind:Silica-Gel Desiccant


Sorbent:Activated Alumina


Desiccant:Physical Desiccant




Diameter:3-5 4-6 5-7 8-10


Feature:Porous Granule Wearable Tamper-Resistant




Application:Drier Adsorbent Catalyst Fluoride Agent


Superiority:Insoluble in Water and Ethanol






Delivery Date:7-10 Days






Organic Peroxides Product Description

Typical Application:
1,For Hydrogen Peroxide
2,As a catalyst carrier chemical reaction.
3.Improve the body density, mobility, strength.
4.Improve two mullite quantity, reducing the amount of water and porosity.
5.For dehydrating and drying in air separation.
6.Drying of organic liquids such as LPG, propylene, butene, steam cracked liquids, gasoline and fuorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic solvents.
7. Purification of gases and liquids (removal of metallic traces, BF3, TBC, HCl, HF)
8.Tower packaging
9. For catalyst carrier

Organic Peroxides Typical Specification: 

Parameter / Name

Hydrogen peroxide-specific  alumina

Activited  alumina  desiccant

Activited alumina fluoride removal agent

Crystailine phase


x-ρ Al2O3


7-14 mesh Φ3-5,Φ4-6 ,Φ5-7

Φ3-5,Φ4-6,Φ5-7 ,Φ8-10

Φ1.5-2,Φ4-3,Φ4-6 ,Φ5-7


white ball

white  ball

white ball

Bulk   density




Strength (N/grain)




Surface  area  (m2/g)




Pore   volume (cm3/g)




Macroporous (>750A)


Absorbent  (%)


Static adsorption capacity  (RH%)


Fluoride      (mgF/g Al2O3)


Our  Service:
1,I always plant adhering to the "everything for the customer's requirements, we seek high quality, build         quality, growth in earnings in." Business philosophy, the sense to do pre-service work for the                         customer, providing customers with satisfactory service . Our service network to reach each of our               sales of local products, as long as customers have asked us what the staff will give the customer               within 24 hours to a satisfactory answer!

      (1) according to customer product specification production.
      (2) according to the special requirements of customers, product customization.
      (3) packaging industry can be packaged according to customer requirements.

      (1) assign a dedicated service personnel arrived at the scene to guide customers to debug.
      (2) on-site training of operators.
      (3) within a year if the product quality problems, we will promptly deal with customers.

3,Q: Why choose us?

      A: We have a stable supply, product content enough, good product performance, fast and accurate               delivery time, packaging firm.

      Q: Why are your prices low?

      A: We are the manufacturer of the production-oriented enterprises in retail mode is generally not a               hundred percent of our ex-factory price is generally played at least one ton batch, if a customer orders         online under direct orders do not need to contact us.

      Q: The price on the website you can refer to it as the price?

      A: Our raw material prices rise or fall, or publish a lot of information on our website so hard to update         the site every day price as the reference price fluctuations ± 5% with the intention of customers can             feel free to contact us.

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