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Synthesis of a polyether waterborne epoxy hardener

Nov 24, 2016

1. the catalyst on the synthesis reaction of polyether and epoxy resin, such as the Lewis acid catalyst for anionic, commonly used Lewis acid catalyst such as triphenylphosphine, BF3, SnCl4. With a slow drip, reactants are soluble in water to the end, then the BF3 catalyst least amount needed to reach the end reaction catalyst and high selectivity relative to many, and the response was more gentle, and easy to control. Selected best of BF3 catalyst. 2. polyether effect of molecular weight on the synthesis reaction is 3000, 2000, 1500, 3 different polyether study found that only a third of polyether compounds of the product as a single, and a molecular weight of 2500~2800, closest to the molecular design of the molecular weight of the product. 3. effects of reaction temperature on synthesis reaction temperature different, reach the end reaction (reactants are soluble in water) is the catalyst needed by different, lower the temperature, catalyst needed less. Reason was the catalyst in the reaction process will slow decomposition, the higher the temperature, decomposition of the more intense the optimum reaction temperature of 60 degrees centigrade.