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Classification and properties of curing agent

Nov 24, 2016

1.epoxy resin
Curing agent for epoxy resin varieties, classified according to the chemical structure: amines, anhydride, polymer type, imidazole type latent curing agent.
1. Amine curing agent
Amine is a usual kind of epoxy resin curing agents, which includes modified with aliphatic amines, aromatic amines and amine.
(1) the aliphatic amines: Aliphatic amines for the most common curing agent of epoxy resin at room temperature with glycidyl ether epoxy resin than fast, high heat, for short, General toxic, toxic iodine decreases with the increasing molecular weight, fatty amine cured epoxy good toughness, good adhesion, heat and solvent resistance and poor performance.
(2) ethylenediamine (EDA)
Colorless or pale yellow liquid, alkaline, toxic, flammable, ammonia odor, smoke in the air, with water and alcohol random mix, and water to produce a hydrate.
Ethylenediamine each molecule contains four active chlorine can react with four epoxy. Because of its low viscosity curing at room temperature, easy to use, but volatile ethyl diamine, cured with heat, short life, mechanical strength and heat distortion temperature of the resin after curing are low.
(3) diethylene triamine (DTA)
Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid is strongly Basic, easy to absorb moisture in the air and carbon dioxide, mixed with water and alcohol soluble and insoluble in ether. Diethylenetriamine molecule contains five active hydrogen, reaction ability, use of short duration.