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Carbon monoxide of low temperature shift catalyst

Nov 24, 2016

1. Low temperature activity. At 130 c that there exists an obvious transformation activity, converter entry in 180~200℃ you can get the desired conversion rate.
2. Transformation activity. By adding special dispersion AIDS, makes the co-Mo active components is highly decentralised, and increased activity center, and as a result of a bimodal distribution of special carrier, making it excellent low temperature transformation of high activity and stability.
3. Strength stability and strength. Curing difficult after Powdering, peeling, intensity can be maintained for more than 5 years.
4. Easier curing. Using CS2 and other curing agents, regardless of your cycle or venting of curing method will obtain good curing effect.
5. Wide operating temperature zone. By adding special additives, operation temperature range to broaden, normal operating temperature 180~400℃, optimum activity temperature 180~300℃.
6. Good selectivity, methane-free of side effects.
7. Good water resistance, catalyst after the blisters are not broken, not powder.