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Application of functional fillers in epoxy resin

Nov 24, 2016

Epoxy resin is a polymer material, because of its ease of operation, low prices, its scope of application is very wide. With the support of the fillers in epoxy resin products plays an important role, adaptability depends not only on the chemical composition of the filler, also related to its properties and particle size. There are several common. There are silica, alumina, calcium carbonate, metal powder. According to the different packing performance requirements, mechanical and electrical properties of the final product is very different. Epoxy adhesion and hardness will generally choose to improve themselves-silica products, some silicon dioxide because of their materials and production process to resin caused by different thermal expansion coefficients are significantly different. Difference of thermal conductivity in the packing will generally choose alumina, magnesia, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of metal powder best. Epoxy thixotropic General fumed silica and bentonite, or choose high oil absorption of fillers. Reduce the density of the resin itself can choose glass micro-beads, such as hollow structural products. Word choice made according to the performance suitable for packing.